The Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution



2016 EVENTS:

15 September 2016. Conference. PROGRAMME NOW AVAILABLE: Retailing and Distribution before 1600


9 June 2016. Workshop.  PROGRAMME NOW AVAILABLE: ‘Frills and Furbelows? Textile Ornamentation and Dress Adornment in Museums and Historic Houses’


24 May 2016. Workshop. PROGRAMME NOW AVAILABLE:

‘Retailing, Distribution and the Family: Historical Approaches’

2015 EVENTS:

10 September 2015. Conference:

'Retailing and Distribution History'


11 June 2015. Workshop:

The Creation, Collection and Care of Textiles and Dress in Museums and Historic Houses: Amateurs and Professionals


13 May 2015. Workshop:

'Rural Retailing and Distribution in History'


More PAST EVENTS in the:

2004-2014 Archive (Conferences and workshops programmes and abstracts)

CHORD New Research Prize 2007 and 2009 

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 The Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution (CHORD) was set up in September 1998 to give new impetus to the study of the history of retailing and distribution, and to act as a point of contact between scholars - both in Britain and abroad - engaged in research within this field, whatever their period of interest, discipline or methodology. CHORD builds upon the interests and expertise of a number of scholars in the Dept. of History, Politics and War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton.



 CONTACT CHORD: For further information on CHORD and its activities, please contact: Prof. Laura Ugolini, Dept. of History, Politics and War Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Room MC334, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, WV1 1LY, UK. E-mail:

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